Irrigation Installation

Irrigation Installation Charleston, SCGreatest Scapes Landscaping is one of the most trusted landscaping companies in South Carolina. We are not only known for our beautiful landscapes and excellent lighting setups but also for our expertise in irrigation installation. We have already installed different types of irrigation systems in residential and commercial properties in the tri-county area. If you are looking for a well-experienced and reliable installer, we are the perfect people to hire. Contact us now at (843) 747-4762 so we can discuss to you the details of our comprehensive but affordable irrigation services.

Topnotch Irrigation Installation

Our company has a team of certified technicians and installers who are well-adept at how landscape irrigation works. Every irrigation installation project that we handle is carefully planned to ensure the efficiency of the system. We always take note of the size and nature of the landscaped property and other vital landscape elements, particularly those that require water. Moreover, our design plan will be based on the kind of turf, trees, annuals and perennials, and groundcovers installed on the property. With the proper identification of each softscape element, we can create a system that can cater to the needs of the lawn or the entire landscape.

We are one of the few companies in the tri-county area that can guarantee topnotch irrigation installation. Whether you have a small lawn or a large landscaped property, we can always offer the right solutions. We will only install the right type of irrigation system to ensure thorough coverage of the landscaped property. With our carefully planned irrigation design, you are assured that every planting will get its needed nourishment at the right time and interval. Quality is also our top priority so we use only topnotch brands like Toro, Hunter, and RainBird. These companies are the leading manufacturers of premium quality irrigation products and accessories in the country. They even have patented systems that were proven very effective in conserving water. If you want a reliable and long-lasting irrigation, you have to consider these brands.

We Install Water-efficient Irrigation Systems

You don’t have to hire expensive contractors just to get highly efficient landscape irrigation systems. Call us at Greatest Scapes Landscaping if you want an excellently done irrigation installation. We use the latest technology to ensure the efficient functioning of any watering system that we install. Our people are also well-trained in the installation of various irrigation systems. They are factory trained so they know how to install the above-mentioned brands. Moreover, you'll get a reliable and long-lasting irrigation system because of the top-quality materials that we recommend and use.

Residential properties are among our top clients when it comes to landscape improvement and construction. Most of them avail our irrigation installation service because of our competitive pricing and quality workmanship. Clients also choose us because of our creativity, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge of the different types of irrigation systems. We can install sprinkler, rotary, drip, and automated irrigation, depending on your needs and requirements. We highly recommend the automated system because it is highly efficient and easy to operate. You can save a lot on your monthly water bill if you will choose the automated type. Call us now for more details.